a new short film directed by Zac Jaffee

written by Andrea Kuchlewska and Zac Jaffee

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Cast & Crew


A bookstore owner set in her ways is rattled by a proposition from one of her favorite customers. A quirky meditation on dating later in life.

Filmed on location at Bruised Apple Books in Peekskill, NY. 

Special thanks to Andrew Acciaro, Scott Sailor and Bruised Apple Books

Arne Paglia, Tori Lalonde and Division Street Grill

Josh Rubin

Charlotte Somerville

Maria Rodriguez

Christina Wood

Rhonda Kaufman

Connor Guttmann


Directed by Zac Jaffee

Written by Andrea Kuchlewska & Zac Jaffee

Filmed and Edited by Hernan Valle


Starring Kathryn Grody
Featuring Zac Jaffee, Jonathan Lipnick, Christopher Burris, Zahyde Pietri, Jerry Soto, Kira Simring, Josephine Adair, Mia the Cat

Produced by Andrea Kuchlewska, Zac Jaffee, Stephanie Lyons-Keeley, and Wayne J. Keeley

Sound by Craig Dobson

Sound and Camera Assistants - Robin Roblee-Strauss and Greg Adair

Hair and Makeup by Monica Dobson

Production Assistants - Megan McKenney and Greg Adair

Animal Handlers - Arne Paglia and Sarah W. Young

Blue Lester written by Lester Young, performed by Smith Dobson Quartet


Play More Bebop written and performed by Leonor Falcon


Gibsy written and performed by Jerry Soto


Unomia written by Dillon Westbrook, performed by Outhead


Cronopios written and performed by Leonor Falcon


Let There Be Time written and performed by Hélène Renaut




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